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    If you’re looking for a really badass movie to watch, look no further than Knights of Badassdom.

    I’m gonna try to write something about this in the next couple days, but until then you should totally watch it. Highly recommended.


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  6. Breaking down this ad, moment by moment:

    0:01 - Right off the bat this is weird. One, they’re not really doing anything. Two, why do they BOTH need to be brushing that horse?

    0:08 - “Just a nice afternoon ride on and off of driveways…)

    0:12 - Is it implied that Boehner should have punched Obama, instead of shaking his hand?

    0:14 - Are they going to bang in this stable?

    0:18 - Nevermind, they already banged.

    0:22 - So, are they drinking the “Winteregg”? Do I have to drink my Congressman?!

    0:25 - “The borders will be secure?! Save the dirty-talk for the bedroom!”

    0:30 - To be fair, we all know that golf makes ZERO sense. 

    0:35 - I’m 90% sure the scrolling text was written by Charlie Manson. You can’t prove that it wasn’t.

    0:37 - “How dare they smile?! REVOLUTION! ATTICA!”

    0:41 - What is happening to this voiceover? Is the universe collapsing in on itself?

    0:44 - “OH GOD HE’S A ZOMBIE!!!”

    0:47 - No, seriously, what is happening.

    0:49 - Did he fart? Is that a side effect of Winteregg?

    0:53 - After I puke, I sure do love a nice outdoor bath in a metal tub.

    0:59 - “Yeah!! Fuck golf!”

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    Watch Your Privacy

    Augmented Reality app for Google Glass by Sander Veenhof will let you know where there are surveillance cameras in public spaces - video embedded below:

    Google Glass a privacy problem? It can also be the solution for those worried about with privacy: buy a Google Glass!

    Use this handy augmented reality app that visualises nearby privacy intrusions, based on open data about surveillance cameras worldwide (And it accurately maps your fellow Google Glass users too!)

    More Here

    Perfect for getting away with a murder, in case you’re into that.

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    The Office S06E10 | Broad City S01E05


  10. "Don’t we want the 30-something in the position of a district attorney or city council member, or small business owner — somebody who may have a new home mortgage or young children, or unpaid student loan debt — to realistically be able to consider a congressional office?"